Wednesday, December 4, 2013

IWSG: Decisions, Decisions

It's the first Wednesday of the month so it's Insecure Writers Support Group day. This is where writers get together and share their insecurities about writing/publishing/editing. Thanks to Alex Cavanaugh for hosting this monthly event.

I know that so many of us are working full time, raising families, and still trying to squeeze in time to write. I've been thinking about how to better use my time so that I can still write. I've spent a lot of time blogging over the last couple of years and I love it. I love all my writerly friends and being part of your journeys. However, writing posts, answering comments, then returning visits takes an enormous amount of time. Since I'm also working a full time job, I have very little time for writing. And I'm on the verge of burnout.

So how can I participate in what's going on in the writing community and mingle with my writing friends and still get some writing done when I work a full time job?

  1. I'm going to take a blogging break, beginning in January, probably through March. 
  2. I'll can still rub elbows with all my writer friends on Facebook and Twitter.
  3. I can still help promote friends books through both of those social medias.
  4. And I should be able to finish my novella series during my time off.
That is really the only solution I have at this time.
How do you cope with the lack of time?


  1. We'll miss you, but I hope you have a good break. I don't have an answer for this because I work full-time and have a daughter in swimming and it all takes so much of my time and energy. And the blogging takes the rest of my writing time. It's not good. I'm planning to cut back my blogging to 1 day a week more of the month and cut back on reading blogs other days to do an online class for my job search next year and hopefully squeeze a bit of writing in. We'll see how it works.

  2. You gotta do what you gotta do. I'm at the point now where I have to decide at the start of the day what things I'm gonna get done to be able to get them done. :) I know about the pressures you've mentioned and my blogging has become spotty because of that.

    I'm at the age now where burning the midnight oil means burnout, so I do what I can and know that tomorrow is another day.

  3. We'll miss your posts, but, hey you gotta do what you gotta do! And the blogging beast has a ferocious appetite that needs to be railed in at times.

  4. After my 6th book came out, I pulled way back. Partially because of time and partially because of burnout. My month off in November was great though. Take some time off and get back to what you love to do.

  5. Have a good break, Gwen! And I know what you mean. I've been re-evaluating and trying to figure where I can cut back to get done what I really want to get done.

  6. Have a good break Gwen. I will also be taking a small break later this month. I can understand what you are saying. It gets very difficult to manage it all.

  7. We'll miss you, but sometimes something has to give.

  8. I have been feeling the pressure and I have decided I am addressing by setting an amount of time each day for blogging and do what I can, when I can. I may never be the best blogger, but the turtle wins the race in the end, right?

  9. I understand how you feel. I'm not taking a full break but I expect to cut down a bit in the beginning of the year. I really need to make some time to write more.
    I'm glad we'll still see you on FB and Twitter! :)

  10. Taking a break is sometimes best. Do your thing and come back rejuvenated Gwen.

  11. Everyone does it, Gwen. I read every day about someone going on hiatus so that they can redirect their energy into their writing. I hope those months are extremely productive for you!

  12. I completely understand. There are times I do this.

  13. Time is always so elusive, so I'm not surprised you feel the need to take a blogging break. It can be so tough balancing everything otherwise!

  14. Hi Gwen,

    It's very difficult in balancing the time. Which means, a reflective reappraisal during your well needed break may just do wonders. I try to cope with the lack of time I have by commenting at two in the morning. I shall regret this when the alarm goes off in a few hours.

    Gary :)

  15. i took a blogging break! seriously, for almost 8 months! its crazy, but it was good
    this is my first blog hop in pretty much a year...i did a few random posts but nothing serious
    the break was good and im ready to get back into it
    i wouldn't suggest 8 months, but a few like u mentioned should do the trick!


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