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A-Z: Missing Paranormal Committee

A - Z Challenge 2013:
The Paranormal Case Files of Indigo Eady
Hey bloggers! I’m Indigo Eady and I play the leading role in Givin’ Up The Ghost, A Guilty Ghost Surprised and Second Death, written by Gwen Gardner.  I've had some pretty interesting paranormal experiences, to say the least. I mean, just look at those titles!
So I’ve been asked by Gwen to host and share some of my paranormal case files for the A-Z Challenge.
I’m always happy to help Gwen out. Right now I’m trying to get on her good side so she’ll ease up on the clumsy angle of my character. And maybe she’ll even give me a little more confidence, especially around boys. Oh, and I’d totally love it if she made my bubble butt just a little bit smaller. So—you know—if you enjoy my case files, maybe you could put in a good word for me…
M is for the Missing Paranormal Committee.
Who would have ever thought that I’d become a celebrity? Okay, only in the paranormal world, but still. Turns out they’re fascinated by me. Me! They all want to meet the teenage ghost whisperer who can see and speak to them. I guess word really got around after the gang and I solved Bart Bagley’s murder.
All of a sudden, our investigative skills are in demand. Or maybe it's just Franny’s connection to the spirit community that opened up the party line. However it came to be, much to my demise surprise, I was drafted onto the Missing Paranormal Committee (from the novella, Second Death) and found myself chin deep in the spirit world of Sabrina Shores.
To set the scene, the boys and I broke into the old abandoned Sabrina Shores courthouse (the first of many, I'm sad to say) in order to support Franny in her bid to sit on the Missing Paranormal Committee, a newly formed panel put together to investigate the disappearances of ghosts and other paranormals. I suspected the Soul Collector (remember Lucifer's cage?) was behind the disappearances, so I had a vested interest in attending the meeting. Here's how it played out:
Councilman Diggles drew a stack of papers out of thin air and handed it to the high court judge. “I have it right here, m-m-milord.”
Silence descended over the room. Occasional harrumphs or hmmm’s came from the podium as Lord Greyheart’s wig bobbed while he read and shuffled through papers.
I watched, fascinated, as each page turned on its own. But all other eyes rested on me and the boys. I shivered. A combination of cold and fear. Cinching the drawstring on my pink hoodie tighter around my face, I tucked the long black strays inside then shoved my cold hands back into my pockets. Vaporous clouds of steam issued through my mouth and nose as my warm breath touched cold air. In fact, our whole corner of the courtroom became quite foggy. I stared straight ahead at the turning papers until the last page.
When the wig suddenly popped up, if there had been eyes and a face, I would have sworn Lord Greyheart had pinned his gaze directly on me.
I gulped. Hard.
He glanced back down at the last paper, then up again. “Councilman Diggles.”
“Yes, m-m-milord?” Diggles’s chins wobbled like a turkey wattle.
 “Approach the bench, please.”
Much muttering and whispering ensued. The podium shook ominously of its own accord. Councilman Diggles trembled and gesticulated. Curly wig and Diggles simultaneously turned and stared in my direction.
I sank lower in my seat.
“Very well, then. Let us hear from the nominees,” said Lord Greyheart. The last page floated up and the judge began to read. “Miss Victoria Cornerstone.”
A thin, pinched-mouth spinster of a woman floated forward and hovered near the podium.
“Mr. Drew Pettigrew.”
A big, barrel-chested man drifted forward, nodding to Greyheart then at the congregation.
“Councilman Diggles will head the committee, of course.”
Bertie Diggles nodded and smiled.
“Miss Francis Bishop.”
A round of applause and whistles burst into the room. I hadn’t seen Franny arrive, but she appeared and waved to me as she floated down the aisle. We were Franny’s reluctant guests, here to witness and support our resident ghost madam in her bid to sit on the missing paranormal committee. I had a personal interest in the matter, so agreed to come, recruiting Badger and Simon to escort me.
Speaking to spirits was my gift. Or not, depending on how you looked at it. Simon was only just realizing his talents in this area. But with everything I’ve seen, I don’t believe I ever had a stranger evening my entire life.
Franny drifted around a mishmash of ghosts and other stranger than fiction paranormals sitting on benches and made her way to the podium.
Miss Cornerstone stuck her nose higher in the air, if that was possible, as Franny took her place near the podium. 
Franny smiled widely at her, her ample chest proud, head held high.
Miss Cornerstone sniffed.
“And last, but, ahem, certainly not least, Miss Indigo Eady.”
I gasped. The whole room gasped.
This was not the plan.
Oh crap!
Have you ever been drafted?


  1. Loved learning about the Missing Paranormal Committee. Awesome how you're finding something about your book for every letter.

    1. I was digging deep, Natalie!

  2. Oh no!! The evening just got weirder.

    1. Oh and it gets so much weirder...

  3. Oh crap is right! That wasn't supposed to happen.

    1. Absolutely not, Mr. Cavanaugh! Although stranger things have happened...

  4. Replies
    1. Indeed it was, and that was only the beginning!

  5. nice to have a paranormal celebrity on your side / I think

    Lady's Knight

  6. I love the paranormal committee, how fun. Although I probably wouldn't think so if I had been the one drafted. Sorry, Indigo!

    1. I was the strangest experience ever, Miss Julie~!

    2. I mean "it'!

  7. Niiiice! And love all of your names!

    1. Thank you, Miss Lee - there's more to come :)

  8. I love the name Missing Paranormal Committee. And the atmosphere during the meet is just wonderful.


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