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A-Z: Unpacking and In Denial

A - Z Challenge 2013:
The Paranormal Case Files of Indigo Eady
Hey bloggers! I’m Indigo Eady and I play the leading role in Givin’ Up The Ghost, A Guilty Ghost Surprised and Second Death, written by Gwen Gardner.  I've had some pretty interesting paranormal experiences, to say the least. I mean, just look at those titles!
So I’ve been asked by Gwen to host and share some of my paranormal case files for the A-Z Challenge.
I’m always happy to help Gwen out. Right now I’m trying to get on her good side so she’ll ease up on the clumsy angle of my character. And maybe she’ll even give me a little more confidence, especially around boys. Oh, and I’d totally love it if she made my bubble butt just a little bit smaller. So—you know—if you enjoy my case files, maybe you could put in a good word for me…
U is for Unpacking and in Denial.
I debated whether or not to include this story. On one hand, it’s kind of personal. And painful. And embarrassing. When I went to live with Simon and Uncle Richard, I was in denial about my father's death and so I didn't unpack. To tell you the truth, I still haven't. Somehow my father's death isn't a closed chapter yet and so I don't unpack. Anyway, it's up to me to unpack when I'm ready, right?
But on the other hand, it’s the first time I met saw Franny. You may be able to tell by now that I’ve grown rather attached to her. But at the time, I was livid….
The room wasn’t bad. A twin bed, an easy chair in the corner, and a desk and chair against another wall. A trunk at the foot of the bed held everything I owned, everything I was able to bring with me when my father died.
The room was abnormally neat for a teenager, partly because I didn’t own much. But mostly because I hadn’t unpacked yet. I was on the verge, though. Really I was.
The best part of the room was the bay window with colorful pillows and cushions to sit or lie on, and a huge oak tree right outside. A nice place to while away the hours, if I could ever get any peace!
The room was quiet for a change – no sign of spirit activity. There didn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason as to when spirits were active, except they seemed to be more prevalent in the middle of the night. But having stayed up all night the night before, sleepiness suddenly overtook me. Changing into sweats and bunny slippers, I curled up on the window seat and wrapped myself in a blanket. Only for a few minutes, I told myself. And then I would start the laundry.
When I opened my eyes, it was to a twilit room. For a brief moment my world was normal. Well, normal for me, anyway. But then I remembered. I sighed and cast a glance around the room. Perhaps this was the new normal, perhaps...
I frowned. What was that smell? A fragrant perfume filled the room. I sniffed, looking around for the source. A lit pink candle glowed on my desk, casting dancing shadows on the walls. And now I became aware of other things, as well. Pretty tasseled pillows piled on my bed, with matching throw blankets. Personal items from my trunk were now arranged on my dresser and desk. A photograph of me with both my parents when I was younger sat on the nightstand.
Someone had unpacked my things! I jumped up, incensed. Did Simon do this? No, he wouldn’t. And that’s when I glimpsed the old-fashioned figure of a woman drift through my bedroom door.
            I ran to the door and flung it open, catching sight of the spirit as she turned the corner and zipped downstairs. I charged after her.
            “You!” I yelled, running after her. “Stop. Right. Now!” I chased her down the back servant’s stairs, which wasn’t easy in bunny slippers with six inch floppy ears.
I burst into the kitchen, skidding along like a penguin on ice toward the table. Seated at the table, Badger yelled, “Whoa!” jumping up with hands out to try and break my fall before I went head first over the table. I tried to put on the brakes. But when you’re me? Not so easy.
            Simon, always so helpful in these situations, jumped away from the table, laughing.
            Lying halfway across the table, with Badger’s hands around my waist, and bunny feet waving in the air, I cleared my throat. “Ummm. Sorry, am I interrupting?” You’d think I could come up with a better line than that, given how often these things happened. But no, I had to go and act like I was about to throw myself onto the table anyway.
Other scenes featuring Franny are in the 'F' and 'O' posts.
Have I asked you yet if you've ever seen a ghost?


  1. Just seems Franny was attempting to be helpful, in her own forward way. But I can understand your feelings. Dealing with the loss of a loved must be dealt with in your own way, but it should eventually be dealt with :-)

    1. Eventually, Angela. Maybe one day soon....

  2. I can totally understand why this upset you so much, Indigo. But I love Franny so much I give her a pass for it. :D

    1. Yes, I've given Franny a few passes :)

  3. Poor Franny-- grief is indeed difficult to unpack. Sigh. Like Julie, I like Franny!

    1. I adore Franny! That's why she gets away with so much ;)

  4. Poor Indigo, I can understand why it's hard to move on, but I'm curious to know more about Franny.

    1. Franny is a very interesting ghostie!

  5. Did you pack everything back up again?

  6. It's annoying someone unpacking your things without your permission.

  7. I would be annoyed too, but I really adored Franny!

  8. Ha! She does get herself in some messes.

  9. Fanny is sneaky. And Indigo is as clumsy as I am.

  10. What a memorable entrance. :D Gave me a giggle.

  11. I need a spirit who likes to unpack. They would be handy when you move.

  12. Gwen, this was great. Love the visual of bunny feet. I can hardly wait to read this. Its on my Kindle patiently waiting.


    Hugs and chocolate,

  13. Nice save! How else do you explain chasing a ghost through the dining room?


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