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A - Z: Necromancy? No Way!

A - Z Challenge 2013:
The Paranormal Case Files of Indigo Eady

Hey bloggers! I’m Indigo Eady and I play the leading role in Givin’ Up The Ghost, A Guilty Ghost Surprised and Second Death, written by Gwen Gardner.  I've had some pretty interesting paranormal experiences, to say the least. I mean, just look at those titles!
So I’ve been asked by Gwen to host and share some of my paranormal case files for the A-Z Challenge.
I’m always happy to help Gwen out. Right now I’m trying to get on her good side so she’ll ease up on the clumsy angle of my character. And maybe she’ll even give me a little more confidence, especially around boys. Oh, and I’d totally love it if she made my bubble butt just a little bit smaller. So—you know—if you enjoy my case files, maybe you could put in a good word for me…

N is for Necromancy.
I just want to be clear: what I do is NOT necromancy. Necromancy is the practice of summoning the dead in order to tell the future. I’ll go on record right now to say I think that it is just plain creepy. People who practice it go through a number of rituals, including blood sacrifices and other weird stuff like re-opening a grave.
Anyone who knows me, knows I practically faint at the sight of blood. And besides—I don’t summon spirits. They come to me. Like Bart Bagley. He wanted something from me: to solve the mystery of his murder. And besides that, he was no help to me at all. He didn’t remember anything at all about his death or what he’d been doing that day. He didn’t even acknowledge me half the time, just sat on the end barstool at the Blind Badger reading his newspaper day after day.
 Anyway, I can prove in black and white that I wasn’t the one summoning the dead, that he did, in fact, pursue me. Ladies and gentle of the jury, I present piece of evidence #1:
“Bad dream?” asked the translucent figure seated at the oak table. A folded  newspaper lie on the table, see-through like the man. 
I didn’t want to speak to him. I agreed to help Simon in solving the murder of Bart Bagley, but I didn’t agree to speak with the dead victim, not if I could help it.
What could I do? I pretended I didn’t hear and began gathering my things to make a hasty escape, er, exit. A knitted cap and only one glove. Crap. Draping my colorful scarf around my now-stiff neck, I was shaken at the vivid dream, especially with that darn shadow showing up.
“So, you’re her,” said the spirit of Bart Bagley, “the girl who can talk to spirits.”
I ignored him, adjusted the cap on my head and tucked loose strands of dark unruly hair under the rim. Dropping to my knees, I searched under the bench for the elusive glove. There, inconveniently in the furthest corner, it sat. I wondered how in the heck it ever got way back there.
“We’ve met before, you know,” he said.  “Your dad and I were mates – grew up together right here in Sabrina Shores.” 
Nope. Not gonna look. Not even gonna listen. I started to hum something nonsensical. La lala, hmhmhm, oh yeah.
“Your dad was so proud of you, bragged something awful, he did.” He was trying to get a reaction out of me. That is so not fair, playing the dad card like that. Tears sprang to my eyes.
“I can’t help you,” I choked, reaching for the glove. “You need to cross over – look for a bright light and walk into it – that’s the way to heaven....or Nirvana, or Utopia, or whatever you want to call it.” 
I rest my case. He came to me!
Ever had the dad or mom card played on you?
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  1. Didn't have the mom or dad card played on me. Then again, I haven't been approached by the dead to have either card played on me. Can't say I blame you for trying to steer clear of making conversation :-)

    1. Yes, once they know you can see and speak to them, they come out in droves! And then sleep or peace is in short supply.

  2. I like the concept of Bart not leaving her alone! Hey, he wants answers.

    1. And he got answers in the end!

  3. Necromancy is creepy! This is still on my to read list. I wish I could read as fast as everyone else can!

  4. I really enjoy your voice/style.


  5. Necromancy is sure to get you burned at the stake in many parts of the Old World. :) Good peek into the medium that worries the gift is going to attract the wrong sort of attention by the more zealous authorities.

  6. Nope, what you do isn't necromancy, Indigo! Great excerpt.

  7. Indigo definitely doesn't do Necromanncy. Not in the book I read.

  8. I'm not sure I'd want to talk to dead people. When I was younger, it was quite a threat to hear, "Wait until your dad gets home." Then we knew we were in trouble.

  9. Nope, I've never had the Mom or Dad card played on me. I'm sorry you have, Indigo. That's no fun. Hopefully your participation in this blog challenge to help Gwen out will make her take pity on you and not have any other characters do that to you again ;)

    ~ Cori

  10. Stopping by from a-z...what a fun idea to have a character help you out (love that she wants you to ease up on her clumsy angle...we should all be so lucky!)

  11. I just learned the true meaning of the word Necromancy today. I always thought it had to do with bringing back the dead.

  12. I wouldn't mind talking to dead people during the night, but they'd have to understand that they couldn't visit after dark.

  13. I like it! And I especially love Indigo's voice. Ghosts have always interested me. I actually have a shiny new idea that sprung from a bunch of other ideas, and watching too many episodes of A Haunting. Spirits always have a way of making a story more interesting. ;)

  14. Dido with @Elise.

    I feel bad for Indigo. I wouldn't want those freaks coming to me like that. And on the flip side, if I was the ghost, I would probably play any card I could to be a response. Right?

  15. Yes, I've seen those emotions twisted.

  16. Haven't had that card on me. Necromancy freaks me the eff out!!!


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