Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A-Z: Orbs, Pretty Orbs!

A - Z Challenge 2013:
The Paranormal Case Files of Indigo Eady


Hey bloggers! I’m Indigo Eady and I play the leading role in Givin’ Up The Ghost, A Guilty Ghost Surprised and Second Death, written by Gwen Gardner.  I've had some pretty interesting paranormal experiences, to say the least. I mean, just look at those titles!
So I’ve been asked by Gwen to host and share some of my paranormal case files for the A-Z Challenge.
I’m always happy to help Gwen out. Right now I’m trying to get on her good side so she’ll ease up on the clumsy angle of my character. And maybe she’ll even give me a little more confidence, especially around boys. Oh, and I’d totally love it if she made my bubble butt just a little bit smaller. So—you know—if you enjoy my case files, maybe you could put in a good word for me…

O is for Orbs.
What do you know about orbs? Ever see any? I’ve seen them numerous times, and not just at cemeteries. They are a lesser form of ghosts, a sub-category. They appear as little swirling balls of light anywhere that there’s spirit activity.  And yeah, they do show up a lot in cemeteries, just not exclusively. Orbs are balls of energy left over from the human spirit after death. After death, these balls of energy stay on because they're bound to their previous lives for some reason. The premise is that they travel as an orb to conserve energy in their natural forms. They're not as fully developed as ghosts. Orbs are quite photogenic and are often caught on camera.
So what would you think, if you were walking through the cemetery at night (it could happen!) and all of a sudden these little balls of light show up and start swirling around you? What if they were hypnotic? What if....well, here's a little scene:
Franny was the first to reach them. “Why, they’re pretty little things, aren’t they?” Completely delighted, she held her fingers out and touched a pink one. She smiled when it perched on her open palm.
“Oh they are lovely!” exclaimed Miss Cornerstone, reaching out to touch a blue orb. .
Even Drew Pettigrew seemed entranced, smiling indulgently at the ladies.
The orbs darted in and out among us like fireflies.
Simon held one in his palm and blew it off like a dandelion, sending it swirling above his head. He laughed and made a grab for it. Badger focused on a little violet orb that kept just out his reach every time he tried to touch it.
I laughed at the sight of them all so spellbound. I didn’t know what I was so worried about earlier. Gertrude’s Garden was a lovely place to spend a Saturday evening.
Miss Cornerstone giggled and snatched at the blue orb as it left her palm.
Out of habit or instinct, I’m not sure which, something niggling at the base of my neck made me look around at my surroundings. It was enough to break the hypnotic spell we were under, but too late. While I was able to shake it off, my friends traipsed after ‘the pretty lights’ on an orb-induced, trance-like high.
And they were getting further and further away from me.
 “Hey! Wait! Simon, stop!” I tore after them as fast as I could in my squishy Victorian boots, my hem lifted thigh-high to stretch my legs out. “Badger! Don’t look at them!”
Normally, orbs don't act like this.
I found out later that these particular orbs were something else altogether...
Have you ever seen a orb?


  1. I didn't know orbs were lesser ghosts. Can't say that I've ever seen one.

    1. These particular orbs were quite hypnotic...I later learned...well I shouldn't say right now...

  2. Can't say I've seen any either. If they're pretty AND hypnotic, then it's probably a good thing I haven't seen them :-)

    1. Yes, they really could lead you astray, Angela...

  3. I've seen them. I prefer will-o-the-wisps though.


    1. Will-o-the-wisps - don't they hang out in swamps?....

  4. I've never seen an orb either.

    1. They are quite pretty, Gina...

  5. Orbs can be quite hypnotic if I listen to Indigo.

    1. Yes, and if you're particularly susceptible, you should probably give them a miss :)

  6. Replies
    1. Yes, a total let down when you come down from it...

  7. Sounds like they really hook you in with their twinkling, pretty floatiness! I've been warned. :)

  8. Sounds like something cats devised to lure humans to do their bidding:)

  9. I have never seen orbs, but my cousins grew up in a cemetery. There father was the caretaker & they lived in a house on the premises. Can you imagine spending every night in a cemetery & having tombstones in your back yard?
    Kathy @ Swagger Writers

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