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A-Z: Raid at the Eady's

A - Z Challenge 2013:
The Paranormal Case Files of Indigo Eady
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Hey bloggers! I’m Indigo Eady and I play the leading role in Givin’ Up The Ghost, A Guilty Ghost Surprised and Second Death, written by Gwen Gardner.  I've had some pretty interesting paranormal experiences, to say the least. I mean, just look at those titles!
So I’ve been asked by Gwen to host and share some of my paranormal case files for theA-Z Challenge.
I’m always happy to help Gwen out. Right now I’m trying to get on her good side so she’ll ease up on the clumsy angle of my character. And maybe she’ll even give me a little more confidence, especially around boys. Oh, and I’d totally love it if she made my bubble butt just a little bit smaller. So—you know—if you enjoy my case files, maybe you could put in a good word for me…
R is for Raid at the Eady's.
I had to include this story in my case files because it was one of the funnier stories—and because it wasn’t about me falling down, knocking down, or throwing up on anyone for a change.
Even though Franny has been around the 21st century for a long time (actually, the whole time), she is still a Victorian at heart. A Victorian madam, in particular. And so she is conditioned to react in certain ways under certain circumstances.
I’m going to say right up front that the boys were INNOCENT. They did not kill Billy Radcliffe, even though they were seen chasing him through the streets just a few hours before he turned up dead. The police merely wanted help with their inquiries.
Did I mention it wasn’t me acting the fool this time? Yes? Okay, here’s the story…
Franny appeared at the top of the stairs. She looked scared. She still wore her nightclothes and her hair was down. I wondered fleetingly how a ghost could look sleepy, like they had just gotten out of bed. They didn’t sleep. Did they?
The pounding came again.
“Oh, dear,” said Franny. “It’s the coppers! Run, girl, run!” she yelled, streaming quickly down the stairs. “It’s a raid! Run! I’ll hold ‘em off ‘til you’re gone.”
Franny disappeared, but was back in a flash with a large bag which she dumped upside down on the stairs, a trail leading to the front door. Marbles? Why was Franny spreading a huge bag of marbles everywhere? They bounced down the stairs, rolled down the hall, around my bunny-slippered feet and across the floor.
Between the pounding on the front door and marbles flying around the room, the racket finally woke Simon up. He pushed his way through the kitchen door to find me standing in the hall, frozen and confused to the spot.
“What’s going on? Wha?” said Simon, before stepping on marbles and going down to land flat on his back.
“Oh dear, oh dear.” Franny wrung her hands. “This is not going well at all.” She swooped up next to Simon, urging him to get up. “Get up and run, boy!” she yelled. “Oh, why won’t you two run?! Coppers are at the door!”
Was I dreaming? I pinched myself on the arm. “Ow!” Okay, not a dream. So what happened? I woke up. I went into the hall. Franny poured marbles everywhere. Simon came in. Simon slipped. And cops were at the door.
Cops were at the door!
“Simon.” I tugged at his arm. “Get up.”
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Have you ever helped the police with their inquiries? Okay, you don't have to answer that.


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    1. Yeah, she makes me laugh a lot!

  2. Replies
    1. It's funny now, but at the time...

  3. Nothing like a bag of marbles to add to the confusion. Fanny is a funny character.

    1. Yes, the marble ruse didn't work at all!

  4. Have you ever helped the police with their inquiries? I thought that was supposed to be stricken from my records! (I joke)

    1. Just that once, Miss Schultz!

  5. I loved this scene. Franny is just awesome LOL. :)

    1. Thanks Miss Flanders, I can laugh about it now...


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