Wednesday, February 6, 2019

#IWSG and the #Creative Life

The first Wednesday of the month means it's Insecure Writer's Support Group Day! If you want to sign up, go HERE

The awesome co-hosts for this month's posting is: Raimey Gallant, Natalie Aguirre, CV Grehan, and Michelle Wallace! 

And of course, thanks to our host, Alex Cavanaugh! 

This month's optional question is: Besides writing what other creative outlets do you have?

Although I don’t have time for other creative  endeavors right now, I do really enjoy pottery throwing (it’s been years) and photography.

And speaking of creativity… 

Did you know that in numerology, 2019 is an auspicious year? It's a Universal 3 year (2019=2+0+1+9=12 and 1+2=3), and according to what I've read, it's all about creativity, abundance, building, organizing, new ideas and transforming. Whatever we set our hearts on and work toward will come to pass! 

I don’t know much about numerology, but the positivity of this message is something I can get behind. So this is the energy I've taken into the new year. I've started writing again. I finished a book I started two years ago, and a short story that has been tucked away. I have a lot of work to do before I can call these works ready, but I feel energized and hopeful. 

What are your other creative endeavors? 

What  are your thoughts on numerology?