Wednesday, May 1, 2024

IWSG: All the World's a Distraction


It's Insecure Writer's Support Group Day! If you'd like to join, go HERE

Thanks to Alex Cavanaugh and his band of jolly co-hosts for the month:  Victoria Marie Lees, Kim Lajevardi, Nancy Gideon, and Cathrina Constantine! who are making this event happen. 

Today's optional question: How do you deal with distractions when you are writing? Do they derail you? 

Answer: As long as I have a goal, i.e., a daily word count, I do okay. My best friend recently told me that I'm goal oriented. I guess I hadn't really realized it. Sometimes I think she knows me better than I know myself. That's what comes from fifty years of friendship. LOL. 

Since all the world is a distraction right now, 
what do you do to stay focused? 

P.S. Life is a struggle right now. Remember to be kind to yourself. You deserve it!