Wednesday, July 3, 2019

IWSG: Sharing Character Traits and Marketing Woes

Today is Insecure Writer's Support Group Day! The first Wednesday of every month, we share our fears and accomplishments, then blog hop around to fellow members blogs to offer support and encouragement. If you'd like to join, go HERE. 

Many thanks to Alex Cavanaugh, our host, and this month's co-hosts: Erika Beebe, Natalie Aguirre,Jennifer Lane, MJ Fifield, Lisa Buie-Collard, and Ellen @ The Cynical Sailor!

This month's optional question: What personal traits have you written into your character(s)?

I'm sure most of us share some traits with our characters. With my MC, Indigo Eady, it would be introversion combined with a snarky and fun personality only those close to her get to see. With Franny Bishop (no, it's not her former profession as a Victorian madam!) it's her spirit of adventure. 

BUT, my real insecurity this month is my lack of marketing skills (which results in lack of sales). There is so much information out there that's it's overwhelming. I'm bombarded with ads, and everyone is an expert. And since there are so many experts, I tend to distrust them all. What's an author to do?  

What traits do you share with your characters?

Does marketing overwhelm you? What advice can you  share?