Monday, January 28, 2013

Coming Out With A Partner

Hey all, today I'm with Angela Brown over at Writers Guide to E-publishing talking about partnering up for a joint book release and blog tour. It's not for everyone, and even so, ours was unique.

Here's a sneak peak from: Thinking About Partnering Up?: How the Partners in ParanormYA Did It....

How was this going to work? You have two people, two books, and touring together could make for one long blog tour post.
By the time we launched our tour, we knew each other’s characters and were able to write them all, like those writers on sitcoms. We had them interact with each other, wrote playful posts where they appeared on game shows and interacted with blog hosts. Of course we did some serious interviews, too. And people loved it!

We hope you can stop by!


The Indies 4 Hire was a great success. Thank you all so much for participating and supporting me and Maria Zannini in our indie endeavors!


  1. Indies 4 Hire Event was amazing! I never expected so many people to show up.

    I couldn't have done it without you, Gwen. Thank you.

    1. Maria, and you were amazing. I didn't realize when we teamed up for this that you had so much experience. I totally lucked out.

  2. See you in a minute:-)


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