Monday, March 2, 2015

Magick is in the Air! Where Will It Lead?

I loved Alligators Overhead and can't wait to dig into this one!
Check it out...

There's nothing’s more dangerous than a wizard-in-training. And Pete Riley, has just proven it. He's worked a bad time spell--a very bad time spell.

No YouTube, no smoothies, no Manga. Not ever again. Not unless Pete figures out how to reverse his spell and free Weasel and him from Victorian England. 

He has until the next full moon. Only a few days.

Tick. Tock.

Here’s how the story starts, and it only gets worse.

One minute the clock was tick-tocking on the mantel and the next it was a smoldering mess.

“No,”􏰁Harriet shouted. Then she braced one hand on her desk and covered her eyes with the other.

Pete froze, not blinking, not breathing, but waiting to see if Harriet would point one of her long, bony fingers at him and turn him into a turnip or something slimy.

To celebrate the launch of The Great Time Lock Disaster I'm giving 20 eBooks away. Hope you'll jump in to the copter and go for a ride!

Usually, C. Lee takes on modern issues that today's teens face in their daily lives. Her first young adult novel, Sliding on the Edge, which dealt with cutting and suicide was published in 2009. Her second, titled The Princess of Las Pulgas, dealing with a family who loses everything and must rebuild their lives came out in 2010. Double Negative (2014) was her third young adult novel. Researching it turned her into a literacy advocate. Her fourth YA, Sudden Secrets came out in December 2014. 

When she really want to have FUN, she writes middle grade books. Alligators Overhead and The Great Time Lock Disaster are now available.


  1. Congrats to Lee on her new book. I need to read this series.

  2. Congrats to Lee! Looks like a fun read.

  3. Congrats, Lee! Love the beginning!

  4. Victorian England may sound romantic but I wouldn't want to be stuck there.

  5. I really like that cover. Congrats, Lee!

  6. Congrats, Lee! Those first few lines make me want to read more. :)

  7. *throws confetti* Three Cheers to C. Lee for releasing the sequel to Alligators Overhead. I also loved this story and look forward the shenanigans the boys get into this time :-)

  8. Thanks, Gwen. Great to be here and to have your support. I really didn't think I'd get this one out, but here it is!

  9. Congratulations to Lee! Love the opening. :)

  10. Congrats to Lee and that opening is awesome

  11. Congrats, Lee! Unique premise :-)


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