Monday, December 3, 2012

Crime Fiction With A Kiss: Guess Who's Here Today?

I'm so pleased to have Carol Kilgore take over my blog today. She's going to be interviewing Summer Newcombe, the star of her debut novel, In Name Only. So please, give both our guests a warm welcome!

Welcome, Carol and Summer!

Hi, Gwen!

I’m so happy to be here with you today. I came by to chat about my debut novel, In Name Only, and to give you a personal glimpse of the main character, Summer Newcombe. I also want to let your readers know that the Kindle edition of In Name Only is on sale at Amazon for the holidays at only $2.99 until December 15.

I went looking for Summer … and found her at the beach! In December! But she does live on Padre Island, off the south Texas coast, where it’s warm this time of year.

So grab your favorite beverage and enjoy learning a little more about what makes Summer tick.

CK: How are you doing now that the novel’s been out for a few months?

SN: Great! At first I was embarrassed by all the attention.

CK: I want the readers to know a little more about you. So let’s get started. What’s your favorite color?

SN: It’s always been blue, but now it’s hot pink!

CK: Girly-girl or tomboy?

SN: Tomboy!

CK: How old were you when you went on your first date?

SN: Ancient. I was nineteen, and a sophomore in college. That was my first real date. I was petrified.

CK: None in high school?

SN: A bunch of us hung out together. And my parents were protective. I always had my head in a book. So did everyone else in our group. We all went everywhere together – even to prom. But I crushed on Vincent Chang for a while, and he kissed me once.

CK: And?

SN: He was a year older and went to college. He met a girl from Seattle, and fell in love with her.

CK: I think we all have a story like that. What’s one thing you had to learn how to do that you hated doing?

SN: Learning how to shoot a gun. Hated it. But I’m glad I learned how.

CK: One more question. What would you do for a Klondike Bar?

SN: I don’t think I can say that here. Seriously – and I’m thinking about doing this anyway – I’d volunteer for Turtle Patrol in the spring down on the National Seashore.

CK: Wow. You surprised me. Good for you.


Now that you know a little more about Summer, here’s something about her story in In Name Only.

No home. No family. No place to hide. For Summer Newcombe, that's only the beginning.

The night Summer escapes from a burning Padre Island eatery and discovers the arsonist is stalking her, is the same night she meets Fire Captain Gabriel Duran. As much as she's attracted to Gabe, five years in the Federal Witness Security Program because of her father’s testimony against a mob boss have taught her the importance of being alone and invisible.

No matter how much she yearns for a real home, Summer relinquished that option the night she killed the man who murdered her father. But Gabe breaks down her guard and places both of them in danger. Summer has vowed never to kill again, but she's frantic she'll cost Gabe his life unless she stops running and fights for the future she wants with the man she loves.


REMEMBER: The Kindle edition of In Name Only is on sale until December 15 for only $2.99. You can find both the Kindle and the paperback editions HERE.


Carol Kilgore is a Texas native who has lived in locations across the U.S. as the wife of a Coast Guard officer. Back under the hot Texas sun in San Antonio, Carol writes a blend of mystery, suspense, and romance she calls Crime Fiction with a Kiss. She and her husband share their home and patio with two active herding dogs, and every so often the dogs let them sit on the sofa.

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  1. Fun to read you here. In Name Only sounds like a great read. Oh...they have turtle patrols here where I live in Akumal, Mexico.

  2. Turtle patrol? Making sure there are no speeding turtles?

  3. It's always fun learning more about Summer. I think turtle patrol would be fun. No telling what the turtles could uncover on the beach when they come ashore to lay their eggs. :)


  4. Fun interview. I like hot pink too, Summer. :)

  5. I love reading about new books and learning a bit about the author behind the work. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Cool stuff! I think turtle watch would be a wonderful thing to do.

  7. Gwen and Everyone - I'm finally here. Doggies demanded a little extra attention this morning. And my friends just reached the hospital - they're beginning the journey to welcome their son into the world. So I have lots to be thankful and excited about today. Especially being here with all of you.

  8. Fun interview! I always love learning more about the characters :) In Name Only looks like a great read!

  9. Em-Musing - I get around, LOL! Great about the turtle patrol in Akumal!

    Alex - LOL! But not exactly. The Kemp Ridley sea turtle is an endangered species, and the adult females lay their eggs on the beach. The turtle patrol searches for them and takes them to incubators to keep them safe from predators. In the spring they take the hatchlings back to the beach and release them. The little guys head straight to the surf.

    Mason - Buried treasure!

    LR - Summer said she's tired of traveling, but if you come to Padre you and she can go shopping and she'll treat to lunch.

    Julie - Thanks for commenting. Nice to meet you!

    Clarissa - I think so, too.

  10. Meradeth - Oops, we crossed. Glad you enjoyed it. Summer is always full of surprises. Nice to meet you :)

  11. Now I'm going to have that Klondike bar jingle stuck in my head all day LOL. Great interview! I'm so jealous of Summer hanging out at the beach.

  12. Julie - It's 74F down at the beach this morning. I just checked. I'm a little jealous, too :)

  13. Great interview Carol! Summer's such a fun character.

  14. Carol, our doggies always demand attention. They want a walk every two hours, even though they have a doggie door and a perfectly fine yard to hang out in!

    And oh, the Klondike bar jingle is so stuck in my head right now - What would you do-oo-ooo for a Klondike bar?

  15. Julie - I'd like to be at the beach, too :)

    Gwen - It was stuck in my head for a while, too. What would YOU do :)

  16. I'd be more than happy to attend turtle patrol with SummerM

  17. Shelley - Summer would love to have you for company, I'm sure.

  18. Ancient at 19 to go on a first date?! Yikes, I won't tell you how old I was then ;)

  19. Lynda - Summer says she's glad not to be the only late bloomer.

  20. Nice interview. Great news about the book sale too!

  21. Carrie - Thanks :)

    Southpaw - Glad you enjoyed it!

  22. Loved this! Totally entertaining. And Carol, so excited for all your success. It's much deserved! <3

  23. Morgan - Glad you liked it. Thanks for the kind words :)

  24. Gwen - Thanks for hosting me! I had tons of fun :)


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