Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Assassins and Poison and Kisses

It's time for another Angela Brown cover reveal and book release!
My Partner in ParanormYA not only can  crank them out, but they're really good, to boot! She's such an inspiration. When I grow up *ahem* I want to be just like her.
Make way for the second novella in the NEO Chronicles series,
*drum roll*

What harm can come from a kiss?

Caine Fordham knows the danger all too well.

As the Kill Circuit’s top lady-killer, business is good. Yet Caine knows the life of an assassin isn’t meant to last forever, just as love is impossible for him. Who could love a man with poison lacing his veins and a kiss that kills?

When Caine decides to take one last job, deal out one last kiss, he discovers there’s more to life than death, and more to love than pain.

This is the second installment in the NEO Chronicles: Characters Revealed series. Available now at Amazon US and other online outlets by Friday, it will make a nice slice of reading for a lunch break or for a quick read during the train/trolley/car pool work commute (ummm...if you're driving, No Reading While Driving lol!!)

Here's a little excerpt. You'll see there's a bit of a difference in the description of the character and the model for the cover, but the cover - as a whole - embodies the dark mystery that is Caine Fordham.

Caine stood up slowly, smirking to conceal how much her questions bothered him. Living a hundred years as a walking wasteland didn’t leave him many career options.

With a long, lean body, a sun-kissed tan (genetics, not from being outdoors) and square jawline, his targets often mistook him for a male model. “The brooding type,” is what he’d heard many times. If his chest, stomach and back didn’t resemble black lace from the poisons that called his body home, male model could work. He wore his black silky mane cut short at the nape. Longer curls in the front veiled his eyes, making him even more mysterious, or so women told him. A definite plus when luring his prey.

Bearing the kiss of death didn’t fit any job descriptions…with one exception.


And he had a spotless record with the Kill Circuit.



  1. Hi Gwen! *waves* :)
    Congratulations Angela! I really like the title of your book and the cover is great. I'm adding it to GR and will help you spread the word.

    1. Hi Elise! Gosh, I don't think I added it to GR yet *shakes head*

  2. I love the title of this post so much! Can't wait to read Atone. :)

    1. Haha! I rather enjoyed the title, too. I love the juxtaposition of the three words together, lol.

  3. That excerpt left me feeling kind of sorry for Caine. Congrats Angela on your latest book and I like the cover.

    1. Yeah, what a life, huh? I'll bet there's a story behind it....

  4. Congrats, Angela!!! So impressed by you--you're a machine!

    1. I agree, Jamie - how else could she get so much done?!

  5. Human Gwen,

    Yes, I know. You've been anxiously waiting a comment from me. Thankfully, your wait is over.

    Our lovely mutual friend, Angela, is worthy of a congrats from me. In fact, I'm so delighted, watch this, I share your pawsting, sorry, posting on 'Farcebark'!

    Pawsitive wishes,

    Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar!

  6. I am absolutely so thankful to everyone and enjoying all the comments and support. Thank you my Partner in ParanormYA!

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