Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Confessions of A Vampire!

Victory Dead Character Confession

Thank you for having me, Gwen. It's not often The Author lets me out to play, so I'm

making the most of the opportunity by telling you how I really feel about being cast as a vampire.

When I appeared as a vampire in Luna Black, I was thrilled to

finally get a placement in a short story. Until then, I'd lived in the recesses

of The Author's Imagination. It was a scary, scary place. Imagine a massive

cauldron full of unused ideas, characters, and plot lines, all swirling and

mingling like a mini-tornado. A frightening place. I still get flashbacks.

I loved playing Victory Dead. However, while I loved my

role, I expected to get another story placement not long after. I had big

dreams - zombie, ghost, demon. Only it didn't happen. Unlike the movie world,

once you're assigned a role in the literary world that's the only one you get. ForeverSo I did what

every character of note does, I pestered The Author. I took every opportunity

to remind The Author I needed another story. I mastered the art of subliminal

messages. Someone mentioned vampires? VICTORY DEAD! Someone mentioned how much

he or she loved Luna Black? VICTORY DEAD! Someone mentioned blood? VICTORY


After a few months of solid pestering, I finally got what I

wanted. Victory Dead was back. Not only that, I was the lead character in a

dark science fiction story. Could I have wanted anything more? Well. Yes. I'll

always want more - it's the first rule of being a character.

If you want to know where I ended up in the second story,

and why I've convinced The Author I'm now worthy of my own series of books,

read Taking Time. Here's an excerpt to tempt your taste buds:

The human female McCaffrey sent was not as young, tall, or

lithe as McCaffrey, but I wasn’t interested in her in a way any normal

human would be–she was my meal.

 After meeting her at Kingley’s

cargo hold and showing her the food and water, the redheaded female followed me

into the room I used to store my limited possessions. She glanced at my unused

bed and stepped back, so I took hold of one of her hands and pulled her close.

“Ignore the bed. It’s not what you’re here for.”

She let out a long breath and sighed

with relief.

“What’s your name?” I asked,

hypnotising her with my stare.


“It will be quick and painless,

Taya. I promise.”

The remaining moral fibres of my

being fought what I was about to do with all their worth. It had been decades

since I’d last fed this way. When my time on Revelation was up, I prayed I

could once again resist the elixir.

I placed a hand behind Taya’s

head and waited for her breathing to slow. When she’d reached an almost

trance-like state, her eyes taking on a glazed sheen, I ran my right hand down

the side of her neck. She moaned as I sank my teeth into her warm flesh, and I

pushed her face into my shoulder to suffocate any pleas for help. Her body

squirmed under my clasp as I sucked the blood from her veins, and I felt the

ecstasy of her life flowing through me. I didn’t want to stop, but I had to.

After I’d taken only enough to

revitalise me, struggling with the desire to take more, I let her wilt beneath

me and gently lowered her onto the bed. I placed my fingers on her left wrist

and checked for a pulse. It was weak but there was one. I hadn’t killed her.


Taking Time and Other Science Fiction Stories

Science fiction

stories of time and space... 

The future of humanity must be decided in Next

Phase. Winning the Planetary Lottery is not as lucky as it first seems in

Schrodinger's Gamble. An apocalypse and its aftermath threaten to tear one

couple apart in Daiker's Children. In Life As I Know It a reclusive man finds

both his heart and home invaded during an alien harvest. In Taking Time, a

vampire seeking shelter on a distant planet finds himself facing a very

different kind of demon, after answering a frontier settlement's plea for help.

Stories range from flash fiction to novelette in


Book Links


The Author

Ellie Garratt is a science fiction and horror writer. She is

a reader, writer, blogger, Trekkie, and would happily die to be an extra in The

Walking Dead. Her short stories have been published in anthologies and online.

Passing Time: Nine Short Tales of the Strange and Macabre and Taking Time and

Other Science Fiction Stories are now available on Kindle.
In early 2014, she will be launching a series of

dark science fiction novellas called The Dead Chronicles.

You can find Ellie at: Amazon / Facebook / Goodreads / Twitter / Website


  1. Victory was persuasive, but it worked!

  2. I love a good scary story...especially with Halloween coming up. Victory sounds like a great character!

  3. Pestering is a great way to get restored or deleted from permanent memory. Glad you got the former Mr. Vampire sir.

  4. I love his name. What a great character, Ellie!

    Happy Wednesday, Gwen!

  5. Thank you for letting Victory Dead visit!

  6. Love this hilarious character interview! *shivers*

  7. Oh I enjoyed that excerpt and interview! I've got characters that have been pestering me too...I should probably do something about that. (:

  8. Ooh I'm totally persuaded that Victory Dead deserves his own series. Great character! Love vampires.

  9. I told my kids that pestering does NOT work! But it worked for Victory! But then if I had a vampire pestering me, I guess I'd have to give in! :)


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