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Jules Flanders and The Turnagain Arms

I know you've been seeing Julie Flanders' lovely cover all over the internet for the past week. I have, and I couldn't wait to share it.

The cover is awesome.

The blurb is awesome.

But wait!

Guess who begged an excerpt from the author? Yep, I got an excerpt that you haven't seen unless you've read the novella. And, I'm happy to share it here.

But first, let's learn a little bit about it...
The Turnagain Arms, prequel to Polar Night:

Polar Night's Aleksei Nechayev leaves war-torn Russia in 1917 and makes his way to Alaska. Settling in at a railroad camp, Aleksei comes up against an adversary who seems to know the truth about the newly-turned vampire's identity, and who soon gives Aleksei much more than he bargained for at The Turnagain Arm.

Cover design by Michael Di Gesu
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Book Blurb: 
Locomotive wheels screech to a halt. Potters Creek, Alaska is nothing more than a small camp set up alongside the tracks. A weathered sign dominates the scene.

The Turnagain Arm Saloon 

Only one passenger remains and exits.
The early afternoon full moon peaks through a shimmering snow fall as a shadow casts over each split rail. The wind howls, sweeping the cloak of a hooded figure. He follows the tracks toward the distant saloon. A hulking man crunches through the snow, attracting his attention.
Calling out to him in a foreign accent, the townsman stops in mid step. The stranger catches up and engages him.


The man disappears under the stranger’s cloak.
Blood drips from his lips, and he wipes the remaining trickles from his mouth. After disposing of the body, the mysterious figure continues on his journey. He glides through the snow as if on a sleigh, leaving no footprints behind.

*          *          *          *          *

Within a short period, he convinces Vasyl, the owner of the saloon, to hire him. Aleksei charms everyone he meets. But soon mistrust enters every tense line on Vasyl’s face as others disappear, and his wife falls under Aleksei’s spell.

The classic game of cat and mouse continues, but who will win?
Is a mere mortal any match for Aleksei?

A spark ignites within Alexei after yet another of Vasyl’s attempts to disgrace him.

This man knows of me. He must be a witch. Aleksei laughs. You are no match for me or my plan.

The Turnagain Arm Excerpt:
“Folks are disappearing around here, Mr. Dzubenko. Everybody’s noticed it.”

 “Disappearing, huh?” Vasyl said to the young man across the bar from him. He had long forgotten the boy’s name, in spite of the fact that he arrived each morning for breakfast like clockwork. “You know we’ve been losing men ever since the United States entered the war back in April, right?  Men are leaving left and right.”

The man shook his head. “That ain’t it.”

 “What are you talking about, James?” Lara asked as she slid a plate of pancakes towards the man.

Vasyl glanced at his wife. Of course, she’d remember the name. James. She never forgot a name. Or anything else, for that matter.

“Just what I said, ma’am. Guys are going missing. They’re here when we head back to the barracks for the night and they’re nowhere to be found come morning.” James took a bite of pancakes. “Just like what happened to your man here. Kenneth.”

“Maybe they’ve just gone to work at one of the other camps,” Vasyl said, although he winced at the mention of Kenneth MacNeil.  

“In the middle of the night?” James asked. “And without telling another soul? Who’d do that?”

“It does seem very odd,” Lara said. “And troubling, Vasyl.”

Vasyl shook his head. The last thing he wanted was his wife to be upset about anything. “Don’t you let it bother you, Lara. I’m sure there’s an explanation.”

“There ain’t no explanation ‘cept that something bad’s going on around here,” James said. “Somebody’s up to no good.”

“Shut your mouth, you idiot,” Vasyl snapped. “There could be plenty of explanations. You forget we live in the wilderness here? You’ve heard of bears, yes? Perhaps there are some hungry grizzlies around and some of these drunken fools wandered too close to their dens.”

“Right, I’m sure that’s it,” James said, rolling his eyes as he continued to stuff pancakes in his mouth. “You know it ain’t just the guys disappearing? Rebecca’s gone too. She ain’t been seen in weeks. Last time anybody saw her was here at your place.” He pointed towards a table in the corner of the saloon. “She was sitting right there when Aleksei closed the bar for the night, I saw her myself. Ain’t nobody seen her again.”

“Are you trying to suggest that Nechayev has something to do with this?”

“Huh? How was I suggesting that? Aleksei takes good care of me in here. No offense, Mr. Dzubenko but he pours a better scotch than you do.”

Vasyl bristled. “You’re the one who brought him up, idiot.”

 “Only cuz Rebecca was here the night she disappeared. Doesn’t mean Aleksei had anything to do with it. Hell, that’s crazy talk right there. Everybody likes Aleksei.”

“Oh, of course, of course they do. I know everyone likes him.” Vasyl slammed a coffee mug onto the bar. “Богоматір Пресвята Діва!”

James stared at Vasyl. “I’m sorry. What was that?”

Vasyl felt his wife’s hand on his arm. “I believe he said ‘Mother of God the blessed Virgin,’ Lara said. “I’ve learned that one over the years.”

 “That Russian? Like Aleksei speaks?”

 “It’s Ukrainian, you horse’s ass!” Vasyl bellowed. “I am not Russian.”

James put down his fork and took a step back from the bar. “God almighty, Mr. Dzubenko, no need to get yourself all wound up. How am I ‘sposed to know what language you’re speaking?”

“You’ve finished your breakfast, yes? Get out of here then. Go to work, why don’t you?”

“I surely will take my leave. Thank you for the delicious pancakes, Mrs. Dzubenko.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed them, James. Good day to you.”

About the Author: 

Julie Flanders is a librarian by day and a writer all the rest of the time. Julie is also a television show addict with a particular fondness for Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead and a slightly obsessive sports fan who cheers for the Ohio State Buckeyes, the Cincinnati Reds, and the Cincinnati Bengals. She is a life-long animal lover and an animal rescue advocate and shares her home with her rescued dog and cat.
Julie’s published novels include the paranormal thriller Polar Night and the historical ghost story The Ghosts of Aquinnah. Both are available from Ink Smith Publishing. Polar Day, the sequel to Polar Night, will be published by Ink Smith in January, 2015.

Julie is a proud member of the speculative fiction writing group Untethered Realms. Meet the rest of the group and explore their books at
Please visit Julie at her website at or contact her by email at She can also be found on Twitter at @JulesFlanders.

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  7. I loved Polar Night, so I'm super-excited about this novella! I can't wait to finally be able to purchase my own copy... :)

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