Monday, November 4, 2013

A Kingdom of Dust, Oh The Possibilities!

Check out this most lovely cover by the most lovely River Fairchild!
But first, let's hear a bit about it. Leave your claustrophobia about caving behind, because this is a whole different kind of thing entirely...
Diamonds and Dust:
Magic is real. So is betrayal.
Two heirs. A Kingdom of dust on a troubled world. One might resurrect it. One might destroy it all.
Archaeologist David Alexander investigates the cave where his father disappeared and hurtles into another world, one filled with magic and bizarre creatures. The mad ravings in his father's journals of icemen and dragons may not be fantasies after all.
Convinced his father may still be alive, David begins a treacherous journey to find him and discover a way home. Along the way, he encounters a few unlikely friends. A Dreean warrior, a beautiful thief and a satyr join him as he searches.
David's arrival into this new world sets off an explosive chain reaction of events. Faced with powerful adversaries and few clues, he may not get the chance to rescue his father before disaster strikes, condemning both of them to death. Or worse.

What do you think? Would you go in?


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