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BuccFest Day 3: Thea Gregory Interview

Welcome to Buccaneer Blogfest Day 3, hosted by Sharon Bayliss and Courtney Young. Today, I'm interviewing the person below me on the linky list, Thea Gregory. My first author interview, by the way.

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Thea Gregory
On your series:

I don’t know a thing about zombies, except for what I’ve seen briefly on T.V., where zombies drag themselves slowly through the street “chasing” screaming people.

Q. Can you tell us about Zombie Bedtime Stories and/or give us a brief description/synopsis?

Zombie Bedtime Stories is an ongoing series of novelettes that take place in my own little zombie apocalypse in the year 2035. So far, each story had been taken from a different character’s perspective, but each installment develops on the last and contributes to the larger whole. Some characters never meet, or are only influenced by the stories of those before them. It’s a bit of a panoramic view.

The story so far:

#1: Locked In – A short story about a paramedic, Haley.On a call, she gets attacked by an old friend and wakes up a zombie the next morning.

#2 Locked Out – A team of scientists is tasked with determining the cause of the violence. Will they find the cause before they are wiped out by the spreading plague?

#3 Deadlocked– Haley’s partner, Frank, realizes something is very wrong soon after he drops her off at home. However, nobody listens to him until it’s too late. Can he escape their overrun city and save his two friends?

#4 Bedlam – Corporal Samantha Henderson is a member of a military organization that specializes in putting down riots, which plague society in 2035. They weren’t prepared for this one. Can she do the right thing in a world gone wrong? (Upcoming!)

Q. What exactly is a Zombie and how do you become one?

A zombie is a person who loses all conscious control over their body and becomes compelled to attack any and all uninfected. Their strength and ability to ignore major injuries is greatly increased. You become a zombie by being bitten by one, scratched or even after being exposed to some for a long period of time.

Q. Have Zombies evolved since the first one? Do you know how the first one came to be or how they originated?

They haven’t evolved as of yet, the series is still young so I won’t rule it out. I know how they originated, but I’m not telling. That’s a story for part 8 or 9.

Q. How do you kill them?

Massive damage, a gunshot wound to the head or by burning them alive. Fire is determined to be the only surefire means of eliminating the airborne component of the plague.

Q. Did you take the standard zombie theme and go with it? Or did you give zombie looks and personalities a twist of your own? How are your zombies different?

I changed it up a little. They prefer flesh to brains, because I find the BRAINS!!!bit a little silly in all honesty. As well, my zombies are strong and fast. Shambling zombies just aren’t fun to write. The final difference is that these zombies aren’t mindless corpses. The person they used to be is still there, trapped inside, forced to watch the atrocities they’re committing.

Q. Do you have continuing characters?

Yes! The first continuing character is Frank, Haley’s partner. There’s a new one coming back in part five. After part four, most of the major characters will have been introduced.

Q. How tough is it to characterize a zombie?

Pretty tough, actually. You’re trying to make things interesting from the perspective of a person who can’t talk and has no personal agency. You’re made to deal with the psychology, reactions and descriptions more than if you’re dealing with a live person.

Q. Who is your current or favorite zombie MC? Tell us about her/him. Do we cheer, love, hate her/him?

Presently, I have only one MC that happens to be a zombie. She’s Haley (from Locked In.), and you want to give the poor girl a big hug, while simultaneously screaming and running away. You can cheer her, too, if massacring friends and loved ones is something you enjoy.

Q. How can I tell if someone is a zombie?

A zombie is typically covered in blood, and sporting grievous wounds that don’t appear to diminish their functions. As well, zombies like to scream and charge down any human they can see, regardless of the danger to themselves. Basically, stay away from loiterers/mobs/rioters who look like they’ve been in a fight.

Q. Should I be afraid to sleep at night? How can I protect myself?

Be very afraid, but also aware that daytime doesn’t deter these ghouls one bit. Get a gun, aim for the head, and stay away from the bodies. Bonus tip: If they can’t see/hear you, then they won’t attack. You may not want to stand upwind of one, though.

On writing/publishing:

Q. What’s in your writing future?

My first novel, Sanity Vacuum, is being released later this year through Curiosity Quills Press. Moving forward, I have the sequel started and I’m making my way through my next Zombie Bedtime Story.

In the long run, my future holds zombies, horror, science fiction and some offbeat/epic fantasy. Additionally, it contains many permutations of the above genres.

Q. What made you decide to self-publish? Any advice to those thinking about self publishing?

Initially, it was because the Zombie Bedtime Stories didn’t really fit into the scope of any traditional publisher that existed. It’s a series of novelettes/novellas that’s laden with Easter eggs, forward and backwards continuity and other good things. In short, I didn’t want to lose control or be pressured into changing my vision of the series.

As for advice, I’d definitely say to be yourself. Embrace your strengths and seriously consider your weaknesses. Don’t look at everyone you interact with as a potential sale for your book. Talk with your fellow writers, don’t spam and either hire an editor or have several well-read and educated friends read through your stuff.

Whatever you do, don’t exist or create in a vacuum. There’s a huge network of authors out there, take advantage of the community. Get your feet wet, do some interviews, try a blog tour or a blog hop. Be innovative, be different and be yourself.

Q. Do you have a day job or do you make a living from your writing?

I’m working a temp job right now as an administrative clerk, and I’m going back to finish my degree in September. I’m pretty young, and the future is a big place. It may take a year, or five, but someday I hope to support myself with writing. Freedom 35?

Q. Any advice for other writers?

Most of it was covered in the advice for self-publishers part. Be awesome. There, one final gem from me. But, if you can’t be awesome, at least don’t mouth off to reviewers.

Thea's bio:

Thea Gregory originally hails from rural English Quebec and grew up with a keen appreciation of science and nature. These interests have followed her throughout life—the farm was lonely, and thus engendered a fanatical love of reading and books. She went on to study physics at university, and worked odd jobs until the writing bug bit. Now, she writes science fiction and horror in the comfort of her Montreal home.



twitter: @TheaIsis


Amazon author page:



I learned ever so much about zombies and I'm especially grateful for the tip on how to KILL THEM! I'll be keeping a gun next to my bed along with a torch, gasoline and matches! Oh, and I'll have to stay healthy to keep my nose in tip-top shape, too.

Thanks for sharing with us Thea! I am so intrigued that I'm on my way now to pick up your first book.


  1. Fun, Fun, Fun interview. I personally have not read any Zombie books. What I found so interesting, here, is I felt like I was seriously reading an interview that could be real. I was pulled in to the questions and answers as if Zombies were REAL. I loved it! even though I am not a huge Zombie fan. I know one thing. From now on, I'll be packing a 357 and a good supply of matches:)

  2. Ink, I haven't read any zombie books either, but it does sound fun! Oh, and carry a big ol' shovel too, just for good measure:)

  3. Loving the idea of this novel! I read The Zombie Survival Guide and keep it in my nightstand. Yes, I am one of those people who thinks zombies could happen. Don't care what the CDC claims. :P

    If you have time, come one over and check out my interview with Aldrea Alien!

  4. I can't say that I've had a chance to read very many interviews related to zombies but I certainly learned a lot from this one. I couldn't help thinking about the wights in my WiP that I'm working on. Mindless and want flesh to eat and cutting off their heads and burning them do the trick...but the whole head has to be cut off.

  5. Awesome interview :) I'm freaking out. I hate Zombies, but I love the twist you did. Very cool.
    So nice to learn more about Thea. :) My hubby is from Quebec - so yay to the Canadians :)

  6. good job, gwen! and great answers! i know a ton more about zombies now than i ever thought i would!

  7. Alleged, The Zombie Survival Guide, huh? That could be a good investment...

    Angela, I guess I need to add "machete" to my zombie containment efforts:)

    Jade, they are a bit creepy. I wonder if I'll ever sleep after reading a zombie book?

    Tara, I thought it was fun and interesting as well. Thanks for stopping by:)

  8. I'm glad to see that your zombies are still for the most part mindless monsters, even if the person is still there. at least you are not part of the trend that is trying to tame the things that go bump in the night.

  9. great interview! Zombies aren't usually my thing-only read one book about it, but yours sounds really interesting:-) My husband and 12 yr old were part of the biggest gathering of zombies at Zombiecon this past October--she said it was awesome!

  10. Great interview! Now it's my turn to interview you! I've never interviewed anyone before, and I'm kind of behind on all the Blogfest activities, so bear with me... I'll get back to you when I figure out exactly what I'm doing. Thanks! :)

  11. Gloria, taming might work - I hadn't thought about that...

    Jamie, now ZombieCon sounds kind of fun...

    Laura, ready when you are!

  12. Very nice interview! Loved it. Zombies feature a lot in the video games played by my 20 year old here at home. We also enjoy Shaun of the Dead, Fido and Zombieland...all have a little humor thrown into their movies.

  13. Millie, now zombie video games are something I can handle, and you know, good practice in case I come across a real zombie:)

  14. I love the different take on the zombie perspective and this interview was so much fun to read! There's no way that I could NOT want to read more of Zombie Bedtime Stories... thanks to both of you for putting together such an entertaining post with great questions & answers!


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