Wednesday, July 11, 2012

BuccFest: Day Two

Welcome to Buccaneer BlogFest! It's hosted by Sharon Bayliss and Court Young as a means to build our platforms and learn more about our fellow writers in the blogging community.

You can still sign up HERE.

Why did I start blogging?

The one where Lucy tries to get an eye full of Bill Holden

I love rubbing elbows with writers. I want to be a best-selling, world famous author some day and I'm hoping some of that writerly magic will rub off on me. But I'm not the starstruck Lucy Ricardo of the writing world, I swear. If anyone says I am, just ignore them. I'm a bit of a stalker, that's all. Despite rumors to the contrary, I did not break into Stephen King's hotel room and steal his, uh, um, anything. And that wasn't me who showed up sloshed to J.K. Rowling's suite demanding she bring Dobby back to life! It was just someone who looked like me. By the way, is there anyone out there who can get me an intro to J.K. Rowling? Just asking.

Okay, all joking aside now. I touched on why I started blogging in my last B.B. post. I began my blogging career writing about running and health, until I came across the writing community. I had no idea you all existed! It was like fate, with everything falling into place as it should, as it was always meant to. It was all part of my new beginnings as a writer.

Of course, I'm no expert. Not even close. My blog topics on writing started out pretty meager, indeed. What did I know? Not much. But there are tons of people who know more about the subject than I do, and I've learned so much by following them on their journeys.

Here's why I blog:
  • To befriend like-minded people, to give/receive encouragement
  • To follow writer's with more experience to learn from their accomplishments and mistakes, and to receive advice
  • To follow writer's with less or equal experience to swap and share information, and yes, I learn from them, too
  • To learn the craft of writing (strong verbs, weak verbs? Huh?)
  • To learn how to edit (you mean I can overuse "was"?)
  • To learn about publishing options
  • And finally, to build a platform for when I'm ready to publish.
What are my goals for my blog?

I've thought a lot about this lately. That's why I split my running blog from my writing blog. I'm preparing to publish and become an author and wanted a blog make-over that was professional and focused more on that goal.

Here are some goals for my blog:
  • Post 2-3 days per week on a schedule (MWF?)
  • Post about what I'm learning, whether it's the writing, editing or publishing process
  • Host and interview more authors (I love helping authors with their platforms and getting the word out on their work)
  • To promote myself and my work more

Why do you blog and what are your blogging goals?


  1. I love your reasons for blogging, and your blogging goals; they're pretty similar to mind.

    Good luck with everything. :D

  2. I believe we all enter the blogging waters with similar goals and dreams. Hello, fellow dreamer! :-)

  3. The idea of a writing groupie is so funny. I wonder if author's really encounter those kinds of demands. "Please revive Dobby!"

    Good luck with your blog and quest to be a world famous author!!

  4. I had no idea how many writers were online until I started blogging either. While I began to promote my own book, I've found that promoting others is much more fun.

  5. Clare, I'm pretty sure we all blog for the same reasons:)

    Roland, I believe we do:)

    Alex, I had no idea so many writers were online. And it''s so much fun rubbing elbows and helping each other out.

  6. I'm hoping for writerly magic, too!

  7. There's some important elements of your post here that, I think, we all share. I look forward to seeing where your blog goes next!

  8. Alleged, it's already been magic for me:)

    Story, I'm sure we're going to see a lot of duplication as we make our rounds:)

  9. Johanna, how strange that I was notified of your comment through email but it doesn't show up here! I'll have to check my spam I guess. But to your comment: I'm not a real groupie, lol! Just joking. But I'm sure they're out there:)

  10. Your goals are pretty right on. Achievable, yet strong. You go girl! Your blog is pretty awesome.

  11. Yeah, that's what I've been thinking lately. I have been dreading starting a writing only blog. I have several drafts in My Personal Journal that I don't think belong there. That has a specific purpose and I want to keep it that way.

    I have been writing articles for the local paper and am finding that recognition brings a different aspect to "public" and am glad the editor is very helpful. And my blog will be bookmarked for the local school next year. So, I will have to separate the two.

  12. Shell, thanks - I'm finding most bloggers goals are similar. That's how we all found each other!

    Mil, "public" was a difficult decision for me to make because I'm such a private person. But I'm learning. I obviously don't put my whereabouts or phone numbers out there. Soooo, are you a local celebrity now? What sort of articles are you writing? And what will you write for the school children? It all sounds very interesting! Oh! And I hope you'll come back and follow my new blog:)

  13. I followed you from the first days of your new blog. I'm getting to be a "tribal" celebrity as it is a Band newspaper. I wondered how people knew who I was, then aha.

    I've put a link to the articles on my about me page. This is part of the writer vs. personal debate which I thought was months down the road yet. Ended up putting the links there because this blog won't be so much about marketing myself as writing memories.

  14. Love your reason for starting blogging. And your goals are pretty neat. ^_^

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